Pantry vista

Pantry vista

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Winner of yesteryear’s costume contest

Winner of yesteryear's costume contest

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Attic oddity

Attic oddity

They used to do what up there?

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Not long for this world

Not long for this world

Soon I’m going to have to update this blog’s cover photo. Because that aluminum on top is coming off tomorrow!

I had to climb onto the porch roof with the paint guy to show him I was serious about doing away with the last of the aluminum on the east gable of the house. Seems the original roof planks are peeking out at the top of the trim on this side. And we’ll likely want to do something to cover that. But it’s no reason to keep this silly sheathing on. Having loathed the look of that stuff up there for nearly 13 years, I am ecstatic.

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Look, it’s not me! Way up high on the way to paint things!westsidehousepaintguy

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Painter’s plans

The other day our new paint guy said, “You’re not being a pain in the ass.”

This was his response to my being finicky about updating the contract he sent to reflect every little thing we want done. Now I’ve got extra respect for this paint guy. See, he’d done this odd thing I’ve had other professionals, including a lawyer, do: Rewrite my detailed written instructions and accidentally leave out key points. We were sure he knew he was being hired to strip, prime and paint the eaves and fascia all around the house. But he somehow omitted that from the contract. And I really like to have everything down in writing so there’s an easy way to check that everything gets done. So we updated the contract he sent, sent it back to him and had it printed out and ready for him to sign (I already had) before the start of the job.

The need for this paint job has been looming over my head for years, and I am so relieved at this progress. If all goes to plan, it’ll finally be done this week!

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