Goodbye, Cruel Floor

Previous owners of this house adored the color green—green roof, green paint, green carpet.

They also were colorblind, I am convinced. Witness the kitchen: opalescent pink tiles with copper accents tiles, an orangey-red vinyl floor, beige walls and brown stove. Hear my optic nerve shriek.

So, as we learned in the last episode, there’s only so long that I can ignore a disturbing aesthetic situation. The kitchen needs much work, but it is not a priority. So I started doing things to make it less hateable. Things like painting the drop ceiling silver, the baseboards black and the walls grey. And installing chrome covers on the brown drop-ceiling grid. Now this may not be your idea of more soothing, but it is mine.

Then there was the floor.




Since I’m posting to my new old-house blog the contents of my old site, I can relieve your discomfort about that brown glob of a stove that the previous owners left. Feast your eyes on the beautiful beast I had moved from a house near Midway a few years back.


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One Response to Goodbye, Cruel Floor

  1. Christian Mericle says:

    Your Roper is what year and model? My church has one nearly identical to it, though the clock/S&P are missing. It also has 4 handles on the front and the knob arrangement is slightly different. All 5 knobs are at the left, like yours, but the sequence is burner, burner, oven, burner, burner. I think it’s from the early ’40s. The ID plate has “41” on it, but I don’t know if that denotes the year of manufacture. It also appears to show the model number as 3800A.

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