Porch notes

We’re rebuilding the front porch this year. I already have (and have painted) the porch posts I bought years ago from Vintage Woodworks when we rebuilt the side porch.

Still need:

4 newel posts (36″ x 3.25)

bottom & hand rails–wall to posts, 65.5″ x 2; N-S parallel to house, 48″ total

bottom & hand rails for steps–2 x 108″

I need to figure out how many balusters we need and go find them at Menards. I think we went with these ones that are a hybrid of old and new style to keep the tab down on the side porch. So we may as well go with the same for this porch.

We’re the only freaks on the street who are ripping out the metal porch parts and re-installing wood, so it’s not like there’s a Victorian across the street that we can be compared with. There are some damn pretty balusters out there, though. Must rein self in. Eeek.

We are going to line up the north railing with the doorway, which makes the steps narrower than they are now.

That guy is working on finding ipe for the deck and steps.

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