Baluster blues

So he priced the “cheaper” balusters that we picked for the side porch years ago. And they are still cheaper than buying beauteous, traditional turned balusters from a specialty place. But the squared-off ones we used are more expensive than the turned balusters at the local place. Which makes me wonder why we made the choice we did. I guess I’ll have to go eyeball them myself and think on, if I like the turned ones, whether it’s a travesty to change style from one porch to the next.

Just another one of those experiences that points out how the choices of the past are not always the choices of the future. Seems I need to be reminded of this over and over and over …

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One Response to Baluster blues

  1. n54th says:

    Turns out what I wrote about prices isn’t true. The turned ones are a couple bucks more expensive than the ones we decided on before. He just read the wrong label when looking at the options this time around. So it’s full steam ahead.

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