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Sunflower tower

The sunflowers this year are knocking my socks off. There’s the 12-footer at the back of the lot. And others nearing that height on the south side of the house. And then last night I opened up the new gate … Continue reading

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Tomato Surprise

Was avoiding working on the sashes the other day and so started picking off some diseased leaves on the tomatoes when I noticed redness hiding in the middle of the plant! Prowled and poked the rest of the garden and … Continue reading

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Shiver Me Tin, Er…

The tin ceiling arrived the other day, uh, days. Rather a surprise, particularly since one huge box of it was just suddenly out there on the porch one evening (glad I looked up there cuz the UPS driver didn’t ring, … Continue reading

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Home Food

Indian Stripe is going to be the first of the tomatoes from my main garden to be ripe. Now whether or not I get to enjoy it will be the decision of that squirrel, who has already gnawed a chunk … Continue reading

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Old Paint

Since I’m surrounded by old paint that is almost certainly lead paint, experimenting with different stripping methods has become a hobby. One day recently it was ridiculously hot outside, which made me consider the options for working in the cool, … Continue reading

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Must post more. But not tonight. On the edge of the tomato bed, it is 64 degrees—good sleeping weather.

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Stinking Good

Harvested the garlic today, and am so very glad I finally paid attention to proper planting directions (plant in the fall, in a sunny spot, wait until spring to harvest, cut off the curly top scapes when they appear and … Continue reading

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