He sez, she sez

So it turns out, I learned today after suggesting we recalculate the porchstuffs we need while factoring in the width of the porch posts and newel posts, that 108 can in reality equal 99. As in, he told me to order 108-inch railing pieces, though we’re only actually going to use 99 inches of that. Sigh.

It’s true we’re better off having too-long pieces rather than too-short ones, but but but … that stuff costs, and I’m paying extra to get the stuff in cypress too. Oh well, if I calculated everything I’ve had to buy twice in this house already, my head would explode. Maybe we can add a little sleeping porch to the cat house with all the surplus we’ll have. Hmmmm, we have some spare green marble from the downstairs bathroom project too (and I still have no idea how we overordered that); maybe the cats would like a cool marble floor. chouseanna.jpg

Both those cats are dead now, and the patio area is much much different.

So the point of this post was to record the new measurements for the front porch (originals here), in case I ever have to build a replica of it while I’m on vacation or something …

2 x 58.75 for railings between house and posts on the deck (22 balusters)
1 x 13.375 for space between south post and newel (2 bals)
1 x 23.5 for space between north post and newel (4 bals)
2 x 99 for railings on steps (36 bals)

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One Response to He sez, she sez

  1. slave54 says:

    My board stretcher hasn’t been working too well lately.

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