What nitwit came up with the 4″ baluster spacing? I assume the reason for the spacing is to protect children–but let’s look at some data: According to the CDC, the lowest normal head circumference is 13″. Divide that by Pi and we get 4.1″ So does 4″ spacing make sense then? I don’t think so. Infants can’t crawl until they’re 8 or 9 months old. And their heads are at least 5.25″ in diameter. Yes, I know heads are not spheres, but seriously, wouldn’t 5″ make more sense (I’ve been erring on the conservative side)? And who lets their 8 month old, low end of the growth curve infant crawl around unattended on their front porch?

Do baluster manufacturers have a lobbying group?

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2 Responses to 4″?!?!

  1. Bherrick says:

    It is their little bodies that go through and they get hung up on their heads. Ghastly image.

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