Old Paint

removall16803.jpgSince I’m surrounded by old paint that is almost certainly lead paint, experimenting with different stripping methods has become a hobby. One day recently it was ridiculously hot outside, which made me consider the options for working in the cool, cool basement. So the sashes seemed an obvious project, and nonheat removal seemed the obvious option. So I tried something I’ve had sitting around for some time: RemovAll, which calls itself “the eco-powerful stripper.”

I don’t recall where I bought this, but I remember being intrigued by a spray-on. I think the company has a standard paste stripper too. So I sprayed it on. If I recall correctly, the instructions are to spray on a thin coat, wait a half-hour and spray on a thicker coat and then, after an amount of time that is not specified, scrape it off. The odor was minimal. I started with one of the four sashes to see how it worked and bided my time by running outside doing gardeney things, retreating inside for cooling breaks. foamall168334.jpg

The stuff foams up in a workmanlike manner. When it came time to scrape, it did pretty well. Though it had trouble with the toughest, oldest paint.


And then, the can was empty. So I got only 2 of 4 sashes partially stripped. Not bad but not fabulous. I’d say this stuff would be good for applications on which you had few other options. Interior trim that’s still attached. I didn’t choose the best project for it. But it was better than accomplishing nothing on a nasty hot day.

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