Tomato Surprise

Was avoiding working on the sashes the other day and so started picking off some diseased leaves on the tomatoes when I noticed redness hiding in the middle of the plant! Prowled and poked the rest of the garden and found more. Hallelujah, the harvest time is upon us.

Clockwise from upper left, those are Indian Stripe, Brandywine x Stupice, Nagy Katai, more BxS (with the gash), Wisconsin 55 just left of that, another NK and IS and Prue. Also strawberries from my totally wild plot.



Above, a shot from tonight: Brandywine x Stupice churning them out.

Many of the fruits I’m harvesting now I’m mining for seeds. There were huge rains just before these came ripe, which should mean they’re watered down, but it definitely has made them split and get sluggy and gross really fast. So I’m concentrating on saving seed more than eating at this stage. Despite the deluge, though, the flavor is luscious. It’s outrageous how rich and delicious a homegrown tomato is.

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