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Tomato spots

A question was posed to me the other day about green shoulders—the unripe area around the stem of some tomatoes. You can see a faint example in the second pic of one of my earlier posts. The question was whether … Continue reading

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Front porch plan 1.XX

I’ve been mulling the front porch plan for some time now. One component is trying to keep the time we’re without a porch minimal. Another is dealing with the heights. The deck is 5′ off the ground and the bottom … Continue reading

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Benjamin Bordello

Painting can be a bit, er, repetitive. How do I convince myself to spend a finally sunny day in the basement after spending the previous four nights there? Gogol Bordello on shuffle! One night I was painting so long I … Continue reading

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Visited with family over the weekend. This is my brother’s yard. Look at all the space for tomatoes!

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Persistence pays off

Our girl has been diligently stalking varmints that have suddenly appeared in our house. The other day, her devotion—I have gone to bed with her posted in one spot and woken the next day to find her at the very … Continue reading

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Dunk, Tap, Brush, Brush, Brush

We were entertaining the idea of buying or renting an HVLP (high velocity, low pressure) paint sprayer to accelerate the painting phase of the front porch project.  The concept being that it would be much simpler to spray 64 balusters … Continue reading

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It became clear to me today that scraping paint on the south-side center window well was not what I was meant to be doing. To wit: Spent most of the day in the house being oppressed by the heat and … Continue reading

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