It became clear to me today that scraping paint on the south-side center window well was not what I was meant to be doing. To wit:

Spent most of the day in the house being oppressed by the heat and doing various chores.

Went outside to fetch something and realized it was far cooler than it had been all week. The brick house had been holding in the heat.

Realized the sky was overcast and since it was in the low 70s it would be a great time to start scraping paint out of the window well on the south side that got overlooked last year. Noted storm clouds.

Fetched gear and put aluminum ladder up against wall. Ran upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, hither and yon looking for the right extension cord and scrapers. Noted sky eyeing me with menace.

Plugged extension into closest outlet and draped it out the window next to my goal. Informed stunt double of my risky, rain-attracting plans.

Went outside and climbed ladder with homemade infrared paint remover. Bzzzzt. Climbed down to verify on flat earth that it was indeed on the fritz. Informed handyman of need for repair. Found plan B—the heat gun. Climbed back up. Finally started stripping. Noted drip, drip, drip (not tears of joy). Considered electrocution possibilities. Turned heat gun to cooling setting and tucked it inside the house on the window ledge. Climbed down. Started putting tools away. Noted cessation of rain. Climbed back up. Stripped, stripped, stripped, amused neighbors, stripped despite re-emergence of rain since I was working on a fairly sheltered section, watched storm clouds roll in and decided to call it quits for real.

Sigh. Shouldn’t have slept in.

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