Dunk, Tap, Brush, Brush, Brush

We were entertaining the idea of buying or renting an HVLP (high velocity, low pressure) paint sprayer to accelerate the painting phase of the front porch project.  The concept being that it would be much simpler to spray 64 balusters and XXX feet of railings and such. But then we started looking into the specs on the sprayers and learning how the Benjamin Moore paint we bought (Impervo) said don’t thin and thinking about how much we’d have to clean up the garage to use it as a spray area and reading professional painters’ comments about brushed-on paint being far superior to sprayed-on paint.

And thus I decided to suck it up once again and brush on all the paint. I’m going to go belt-and-suspenders and do 2 coats of primer followed by 2 coats of paint. So I’ve been standing on the concrete basement floor for hours, and the lower back has noticed this. It’s a great opportunity to listen to the radio though!

So that’s what I’ll be up to for the foreseeable future.

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