Double dumb

Today I spent at least 8 hours working on painting the 64 balusters. There was a break for selling metal ($2 per pound for copper, 3 cents per pound for iron—which means that cast iron tub in the garage is worth only about $30) and a couple of mental health/snacking breaks. The low point was when I realized I really should do a light sand between the first and second coats. Which of course means vacuuming and tack-clothing. And another couple of hours I hadn’t planned on. But ultimately I kept the good music streaming and kept going so that I have about 5 hours more to go. Total time for 2 coats of primer and 2 of paint on these 64 balusters is looking like about 24—spread out to human working possibilities, of course.

But here’s where I’m disappointed: It seems I bought double the primer and paint I need. I did a calculator at the Benjamin Moore site to estimate and estimated up because that seems the way to go with materials, but woooooooo was I off on this one.

And I can’t find the receipt to even find out whether I can return or trade for any of this excess. This too is atypical—I tend to know where all my docs are. So I’m not sure what my best options are: Decide to paint the eaves this color, donate to Habitat for Humanity, beg the paint store to take some back?

Well, there’s some kind of rap party happening out in front of the house, so I guess I will retreat to the back and ponder all this another day.

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