Renovation togs

Inspired by Susan Wagner’s post at BlogHer, here is what I’ve been wearing lately.


And please let me point out that that is the dusted-off version of the outfit. Much sanding of late! Here is the full view, and yes I do find it helps the neighbors deal with my rebuilding of the windows if I wear a saucy vintage hat while toiling endlessly. What’s not totally obvious here is that the top button on the pants is missing, so it’s all slipping off and pooching out and, uh yeah. And I stuff as much as I can into the side pockets, so I’m sure I look as if I have elephantisis of the thighs.


I am stoked to find out there’s a movement of women who are confident enough to say, “Hey, I’m busy here with something more important than what you think about my clothes.”


Slob badge by Secret Agent Josephine

Oh, and I’m also happy for the excuse to post about my favorite Godzilla shirt that sadly sadly I took to painting in because it was the most comfortable shirt in my life at the time. Here’s my painting outfit.


My head is tilted because I am obsessed with ceilings, something that guy tells me is very weird. Huh?


I am going to die by Godzilla for this.

Below is what I looked like before I bought this house. It’s a red/blue stereo anaglyph, i.e., you need those 3-D glasses to see all the eye-poppingness. You can get free ones here.


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3 Responses to Renovation togs

  1. jm says:

    Oh yay! I love Susan! She is fun and one of the most real people I’ve ever met. I love this post!

    Okay. You’ve inspired me. I certainly have more photos of myself dressed like a slob DIY’er than I have of my pre-HouseinProgress life.


    But I love that you wear cool black capris with fun fringy bottoms when you’re working on the house. I love that outfit. đŸ™‚

  2. Patricia W. says:

    Congratulations in all of your slobbiness! It got to the point at my house where I had nothing casual that hadn’t been splattered with something that couldn’t be washed out. My sister is the one who said I really needed to put an outfit to the side that doesn’t see the inside of a paint can but even that can be hard to do.

  3. n54th says:

    Thank so much, Jeannie! I am honored to have you commenting on my little ole blog. I’ve been lurking and loving House in Progress for quite some time.

    And yeah, I had to dig way back to find a pic of me not DIYing. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I didn’t mean to spatter up those pantaloons, but it was so hot that I didn’t want to wear my designated painting pants, and I thought since I was painting stuff at waist level I wouldn’t mess up anything but my shirt, but then there was that one smudge, and then, sigh, you know the rest.

    And Patricia, seriously, the pile of work clothes is threatening to topple and smother me in the night. Why is this not chic, though? There’s a punk rock flair, no? It shows that can-do spirit—Rosie the Riveter meets Jackson Pollock. Ack.

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