Projectile treats

I feel that there is a shortage of pumpkins in my life. Must fix that—but with Halloween on the horizon and the ETA on porch completion still uncertain, I have started to ponder alternate ways of handing out candy.

The one that’s striking my fancy lately is the potato candy gun, i.e., a PVC tube with pneumatic force to shoot the peanut butter cups out to the madding kiddos. My manly cohort claims that this is an extremely bad inspiration. He thinks the authorities will frown on this delivery (pu-leeze, it’s Chicago) or we’ll end up with a lawn littered with candy (I say the parents will make sure all the candy is picked up as long as we invest in excellent candy; I’m thinking whatever is the Halloween equivalent of the peanut butter egg).

I go back and forth on the Halloween handout question every year. On the one hand, this is my favorite holiday, period. On the other, I’m a cranky old lady who is dismayed that these kids these days don’t dress up proper and half of them just stare at me and wait for the candy instead of saying what they’re supposed to.

But the house tips the scale over into mandatory involvement. See, this is the biggest, weirdest house on this block. It doesn’t look like any other house, and that guy and I are prominent in our doing things differently from our neighbors (crazy-ass stuff like restoring the windows—eeeeeek!). So I guess I see Halloween handouts as kinda like doing PR for us and the house.

Lots happened this weekend on the windows and the porch, but I’m sorry I’m too tapped out to be a good little blogger and do photos and entries. Must go shower and relax!

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One Response to Projectile treats

  1. sarah says:

    Love the idea! Now you just have to figure out how to program it for range delivery, not to mention cyclic rate for those carpooling groups of kiddos. I used to toy with the notion of a FLAMING potato gun, equipped with propane, kind of a mini rocket launcher for spuds! Sadly, my hubby refuses to let me build said project lest I burn something vital.

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