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We love our audience

Some of the terms people have typed into a search engine to find our blog in the last couple days: › refurbishing original windows › my rabbit headbutts me › tree hugger › ceramic shark sponge holder › happy recycle … Continue reading

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Pining for our front door

We’re all adults here, so I’m not going to sugarcoat this: I despise our front door. I must respect it for it’s solidity, its locking ability and, uh, that’s all the enthusiasm I can muster. Its color combo is my … Continue reading

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Glazier’s glee

This evening I have a tale of success following failure and how even my most basic instincts don’t always kick in—to the detriment of a beautiful piece of old, wavy glass. But the good news first: That piece of glass, … Continue reading

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Lengthy bathroom, project, post

This is a post from the past about our first major project inside the house. It got finished over Labor Day weekend 2005, though we’d started 3.5 years earlier. We’re a project-juggling house, you see, and we tend to start … Continue reading

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Preservation planning

In preparing to have surgery for the first time in my life (it went well—whew), I finally made out my will. And I included something that might be of interest to others who want to protect items from the past: … Continue reading

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Cheers—7 Years!

It’s our anniversary of buying the house (or the mortgage anyway). So please join us in a toast to loving old structures, learning new skills, and doing what we can to preserve the best of the past while looking forward … Continue reading

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Roper from Chicago

A smart eBay shopper snagged this stunning Roper—with salt ‘n’ pepper shakers just like mine, but not with a clock but with what? (timer? I can’t tell)—for much, much less than I paid for mine. Score! And another excellent old … Continue reading

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