… my fresh paint. Grrrrrrr.


This is a post about being a stupid cat person. I’ve had to barricade the window ledges while scraping, cleaning, priming and painting the south windows (whose sashes I am still working on). But my barricades failed today when I went outside to help him measure something on the almost-done porch. Haugtussa hurdled right over my barricade into my freshly painted sill. And then hopped right out onto the exposed oak stool, smudging them with white paint. Luckily for her modeling career, the paint is white—as are her paws; but it’s also Sherwin Williams Duration, which has a lifetime warranty. I assume that’s only a one-lifetime guarantee.


After I’d wiped most of the paint off the stool



Little miss innocent

In other news, I’m way behind on posting due to a computer upgrade (MacBook Pro!) and all the related file transferring and new-image-software-finding and such.

Also, I’ve somehow lost one of the four weight-pocket covers for the current window project. How three of the four managed to lay around among the renovation debris we live amidst and one got lost, I just don’t know. I’ll just have to assume that the missing vacuum cleaner or the missing scraper or the missing prescription sunglasses dropped by and convinced it to run away with them.

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