Preservation planning

In preparing to have surgery for the first time in my life (it went well—whew), I finally made out my will. And I included something that might be of interest to others who want to protect items from the past:

  1. NO LANDFILL CLAUSE: I do not wish any of my carefully collected and preserved vintage items to be disposed of other than to new, enthusiastic owners, whether by gift or sale. New owners should be selected based primarily on willingness and ability to keep the items in service and to care for them properly.
  1. Thus, if not requested by any of my friends or family for their personal use (no resale), various vintage appliances and furniture, including but not limited to:
  • 1948 Hotpoint refrigerator
  • Early 1940s Roper stove
  • 1950s tables, particularly the blue and white one given to my family by my Uncle John

should be kept in service in the house or, if not feasible, given or sold to new, enthusiastic owners who will keep them in service.

  1. Similarly, the J.L. Mott pegleg sink now installed in the second floor bathroom should remain in service, but, if this is unfeasible, every effort should be taken to preserve it. Resale of this item is permitted. The Maytag washer and dryer in the basement should be kept in the house, but if this is unfeasible, may be given to an enthusiastic new owner or sold. The early 1900s doors collected in the garage and other vintage items on the property should be preserved. Donation to a reliable party or resale of these items is permitted at my Executor’s discretion.
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