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Better days

To try to make myself feel better about yesterday’s broken glass, I’m posting this photo of me working on a window I did not break (but did reglaze in place).This was in October, and it was brutally cold with a … Continue reading

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Post-holiday depression

Our Xmas visits were happy and indulgent, and we’re looking forward to more for New Year’s—but here at home today I am having a very hard time. I finally checked on the four sashes I’d stowed in the back bedroom … Continue reading

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Cool clock nook

More from my parents’ 1915 house—the clock nook in the bathroom. While I relied on this General Electric timepiece while growing up, I don’t think it was until I became an old house nut that I noticed the clock pulls … Continue reading

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Old house details

Happy holidays to everyone with some inspiration to preserve old house details like these from my parents’ 1915 house in Cleveland: I’m pretty sure this is why I was obsessed with having marble in my bathroom renovation here.

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Fill la la la la

It’s the seasonal rituals that fill me with joy—hanging the wreath, gathering photos to send with the holiday cards, cramming caulk into every cranny so I don’t feel like I’m skiing every time I walk by one of the vinyl … Continue reading

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We’re working on it …

Yes, snow has fallen and the porch isn’t quite done yet. Well, the porch is—the decking and posts and whatzit, sorta—but the stair railings are not. Please accept this in the spirit of full disclosure. I’m thinking by solstice, or … Continue reading

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Saved door stash

Our house has lost many doors over time. Most notably, its front doors. It has also lost four interior doors; and, OK, I’ll admit that having six doors in one kitchen wasn’t a brilliant plan to begin with—but why oh … Continue reading

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