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Danger, Will Robinson!

When water starts pouring out the top of a window, something is very wrong. Luckily, we were around for the incident and I suspected the cause immediately. The hot water baseboard heaters I put in the bedroom upstairs. I thought … Continue reading

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Small, shiny inspiration

All the original hardware on the windows and doors looks dingy, grimy and, well, kinda Januaryish. I was debating whether I should try to clean up the old stuff or get it replated or buy new, so I set upon … Continue reading

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Itty-bitty Roper from Falls Church, Va.

Here’s an apartment-size Roper stove that was being sold out of Virginia. It’s got the same handles as mine—if anyone ever sees any spares of those door handles, please let me know since I’m missing two. Yep, they all have … Continue reading

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Roper from Jenkintown, Pa.

Here’s another beauty that was up on eBay some time ago. This one resembles mine quite a bit, knobwise and handlewise. The seller also posted some great detail pics.            Above: That’s the base that connects to the bottom of the stove with wingnuts. … Continue reading

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Mystery Roper with a black clock

Here’s a beaut with a black clock and griddle and, if you look closely at the second pic, a flame guy on the oven floor; I think it says “Bake-Master.”           Also, here’s (slide down to “vintage” and then to … Continue reading

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Roper from Cincinnati

Digging through my old digital pics, I found this one shot of a Roper stove being sold out of Cinci. Stay tuned for more pics of old Ropers—including a great set that I’m working on resizing right now.  To make up … Continue reading

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The other side of the year

The January drear has got me searching for inspiration. It’s hard to push on in this sullen month, when it seems like I haven’t gotten anything actually done, but instead all too many projects half-attempted. So here are some flowers … Continue reading

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