Roper from Cincinnati

Digging through my old digital pics, I found this one shot of a Roper stove being sold out of Cinci. Stay tuned for more pics of old Ropers—including a great set that I’m working on resizing right now.  ropercinci.jpgTo make up for my lack of content here, check out this video of a guy with his 1930s Roper. There are videos of other great, old appliances at that link too; seems there’s an oldest-appliance contest with prizes of new appliances. I guess you could sell the new appliances to buy more old reliables—that’s what I’d do.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Hi Chriz! I stumbled onto your blog earlier today while searching for info about my “new” old Roper range. I have read through every single post you have on Ropers and am so thankful for all of the info you have gathered. We just purchased one that looks identical to the one on this post except ours has a window in the right oven door. Our range is a 6 burner, double oven, double broiler, and still has the salt and pepper shakers. I couldn’t find an info plate inside the burner area, but the date on the left oven door is 1941. Ours has all of the door handles, just like the ones shown above, and they are in great shape. I will need to replace a few missing pieces though so would appreciate any leads you can provide. We are missing 1 crumb/drip tray, one burner knob (just like the ones above), and another burner knob that is cracked pretty badly. One of the metal vent grates is pretty broken, and the clock or timer is missing. Ours does not have the light option, but I sure wish it did! There also appears to be a switch on the oven door that has the window so I think maybe it is for a light? Not sure and the knob or switch is missing with just a screw sticking out. I am hoping that I can clean up the oven dials without losing the temperature marks, especially because one of them is already very difficult to read. I will have to try to find a way to fill in the indentations with paint or something, or just replace that one. I wish I could find a manual but so far have been unsuccessful in my searches. I did find a book today from an online book store that is a Roper catalog from the early 40’s. It won’t ship until June 16th so I will be waiting like a kid at Christmas! After I get the stove cleaned up and put back together, I will share photos if you are interested. Thanks again for all of the great info!

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