Small, shiny inspiration

All the original hardware on the windows and doors looks dingy, grimy and, well, kinda Januaryish. I was debating whether I should try to clean up the old stuff or get it replated or buy new, so I set upon one of the sash lifts with steel wool and denatured alcohol. And I found the gleam!


Looks like they were copper-plated, just like the few doorplates I’ve gotten around to cleaning up. Gonna spray some clear lacquer on top to keep that finish from crusting over again. And yeah, the uncleaned bottom one is bent; don’t know how that happened (painted-closed sash maybe?) but I’m going to swap it out with one from a window in a less-visible spot because this one is destined for a front-of-the-house sash.

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2 Responses to Small, shiny inspiration

  1. Jennifer says:

    Very cool! Those will look neat. It’s always nice to get rid of a little of the January in your house!

  2. n54th says:

    Indeed! And thanks for overlooking how this tips everyone off to how I’m still working on the windows that were supposed to be done before the freeze.

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