A spring in my strip

Looking past why I was installing weatherstripping in January, check out the nifty old packaging of this spring bronze weatherstripping that I snagged from my manly cohort’s brother-in-law. He found it on someone’s front lawn waiting for trash day.





She’s got her puffy-toe heels on!


Almost 60 years old—and they never used it. I made up for lost time.



I use screws instead of nails—except on the very edges sometimes when I can’t fit the drill into the space to drive in the screw.


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2 Responses to A spring in my strip

  1. Jennifer says:

    Good find! That metal stripping is expensive these days!

  2. n54th says:

    Yes, I totally lucked out. I bought some earlier from Kilian Hardware, which has a sale on now—100 feet for $95, but it’s regularly $140! Eeeep.


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