Choppy birthday

As well as aging this year, I had high hopes of nailing up the tin ceiling that’s been waiting to be installed in the living room. Well, perhaps wisdom is wending its way toward me because I realized that was much too big a project to tackle along with the hiking and eating and cavorting that the weekend called for. So instead we took out a chunk of wall to fashion a book nook out of the dead space that was built into the house. It’s almost 15 inches deep!


I carved that squiqqly shape out of the wall months ago when I was still trying to decide whether it should become a dumbwaiter or a phone nook or a curved nook or …


Here it is with everything out except the studs and blocking. It’s not a load-bearing wall, but we’re going to put a header in, using the old wood from the stud.


The plan is to surround the book nook with the same casings the doors have. That clever, tool-using monkey had the idea to use floorboards from the attic to find appropriate-looking old wood. Cuz the pine they have these days? Featherweight!

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One Response to Choppy birthday

  1. Jennifer says:

    Very cool! I’m thinking about doing something similar with my study when we take out the window that is between it and the bedroom… built in book nooks are nice!

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