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Roper from Northern New Jersey

Yet another eBay offering. I guess you can forget what I said in my last post about the handles. Advertisements

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Meticulous about my toilet

If you are a person of delicate sensibilities and the title has not already put you off, please avert your eyes. I am about to talk of my most primal needs and desires. I am going to speak now about … Continue reading

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Roper from Paxico, Kansas

Oddest Roper handles I’ve ever seen—are they painted red? The handles’ shapes are odd too. And the burner tops don’t have the typical cross-hatch. Curious.

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Growing a shower

About a week ago I came home to an ominous note on the downstairs bathroom door: “DO NOT USE.” Mr. Handy was nowhere to be seen and I was too intimidated to peep inside. The next night I got ballsy … Continue reading

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File under WTF

On my trudge from the bus stop to the front steps, I saw this from 100 paces away. This would be the balustrade we installed in the fall, er, early winter. OK, I’m looking back in the blog and noticing … Continue reading

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