Growing a shower

About a week ago I came home to an ominous note on the downstairs bathroom door: “DO NOT USE.”

Mr. Handy was nowhere to be seen and I was too intimidated to peep inside. The next night I got ballsy and saw the beginnings of the shower sprouting out of the wall!


Woohoo! When did we start working on this bathroom? Two years ago at least. See, we are the king and queen of uber-project-frenzy, i.e., beginning to end equals reeealllly long time. In this particular case there was the 3-stage plastering of gaping maw in the walls, rebuilding and tiling the floor and all sorts of other slowdowns that I will detail in full in the year 2012 when we may be able to call this finished. In the meantime, a closeup of the shower diverter in polished nickel that looks dingy because it has been lying in the corner of the dining room for years:


The shower will one day flow from a sunflower head into an original early 1900s clawfoot shower pan, which was our space-saving solution that allowed us to keep the window. The window that he needs to re-create casings for because the originals were trashed long ago in favor of erecting Masonite panels all around. The sink you see below is a repro of a 40s-50s style; not our original choice, which was early 1900s-looking, but we’re happy with the compactness and built-in ledge on this one.


And the corner that shows the old plaster below, the new plaster above, the new old-look casings on the left and the new beadboard on the right. A cabinet is being built for that corner space; there’s a little heater that’s going to be built in underneath. The plan is to put radiant under the marble floor in the future too.


And just to prove that there’s no rest for the wicked, my new plaster work got damaged when the casing and beadboard were put in, so I get to exercise my skills again in a patch job. Hot dog! I think I will wait until all the new woodwork is in until I get going on the touchups.


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2 Responses to Growing a shower

  1. Larry says:

    How AWESOME!! We have the exact same sink!

    s is an original we found off eBay. Tiny, tiny thing, but perfect for our tiny, tiny powder room.

    Your doing a great job – keep up the good work!

  2. n54th says:

    Thanks, Larry! It is a really efficient little sink, and it does have lovely lines. I need to go downstairs and look at ours again, but I think the only thing that looks off-period on yours is that right handle. I’ve seen the original version of these here and there—how lucky you were to snag one.

    And hey—part of this bathroom of ours used to be pantry space too. I bet lots of people would lose the whole pantry to enlarge the bathroom, but I think pantries are just great and they are such a big part of old Chicago architecture.

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