Meticulous about my toilet

If you are a person of delicate sensibilities and the title has not already put you off, please avert your eyes. I am about to talk of my most primal needs and desires. I am going to speak now about …

… the importance of having the perfect toilet seat.

I have spent many an hour trolling the Interwebz looking for the perfect parking place for my posterior. I have in fact purchased and installed several different throne tops. I am difficult to please in this area. I will spare you the details.

However, despite all this, I am feeling ridiculously optimistic about my latest test seat, which comes to us from the fine folks at DEA Bathroom Machineries. It is MDF, which is in fact not my first choice, but I also seem to have this thing about having a black toilet seat, so while I would really rather have wood, I want it to be black wood and this has turned out to be a stopping point in ordering wood seats (the painted one I had needed frequent touch-ups with a Sharpie marker, which didn’t really work).

So how does it look?






Apologies for the dust that shows in some shots. It’s from the styrofoam the seat was packed in, and I didn’t see it at all as I shot the pics.



Now to see how it holds up to the daily indignities. I will post back about that in the future, since I am quite proficient at destroying objects of all sorts, and if this things survives my household I can be fairly certain it’s to be recommended for yours.

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2 Responses to Meticulous about my toilet

  1. Puddentane says:

    Nice toilet seat. Love the hardware. Can’t wait for the play-by-play commentary on how it holds up. And, by the way, that is the cleanest toilet I think I have ever seen, outside of a bathroom advertisement. –Your Co-Horts Sister

  2. Very nice job! The fixtures look great and so does the floor.

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