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Local destruction

On Saturday night, we had our first grilling session of the season—hot, smokey bliss. Later in the night, we saw a flash out of the side of our eyes and found another sort of flame ruling the night. In the … Continue reading

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Irises and incremental progress

Here at the slowpoke corral, where I finally installed the latest two refurbished first-floor sashes a few weeks ago (yes, that would be after winter, which makes no sense, yes), we take our small victories seriously. Hence I bring you … Continue reading

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Lay in the mayo

A summer without homegrown tomatoes would be like life without love. Surely this explains why I am repeatedly driven to plant more than sheer need and reason advise. Last year I crammed in 38, some of them in flower beds. … Continue reading

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Hornbeam of happiness

When this house was built, it was the only one on this side of the street. Even as the neighborhood filled in around it, it remained the closest house to the main street for more than 50 years. In the … Continue reading

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Under the paint

Apparently shellac was the first layer on the upstairs doors. And they slapped it on right over the hardware. Hmmmmm. Only 1.5 more to strip but 5 more to refinish. But it’s worth it. Love that old wood.

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Garden creeps

Mr. Ebenezer has been fully enjoying the cover crop of hairy vetch on the tomato bed. When he’s not kicking back and feeling invisible (though his distinctive coat still gives him away), he has a knack for hunkering down and … Continue reading

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My home colony

It is, quite apparently, ant season, since this is what happened when I watered the houseplants: Though I am a nature lover and a person who is usually rather accepting of the chaos of life (how else could I deal … Continue reading

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