My home colony

It is, quite apparently, ant season, since this is what happened when I watered the houseplants:

Though I am a nature lover and a person who is usually rather accepting of the chaos of life (how else could I deal with the flux and frenzy of old house projects?) and averse to poisoning everything in sight to eject pests from my path, I do think something needs to be done when the number of insects I see in one space rivals my ability to count them. So I plonked down the Terro, and there are far fewer now, one week later (pics above are from last weekend). Terro is just sweet stuff laced with borax, so it’s not toxic to bigger beasts.

Then there’s the ladybug that did a belly dive onto my keyboard while I was computing the other night …

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3 Responses to My home colony

  1. jenni says:

    Oh my goodness!! We don’t use poision too much around here, but there are times when it is a necessity.

  2. Patricia W. says:

    Wow! In the picture from far away it looks as though you pot has a texture. But it’s just ants!!!

    Glad to hear the Terro worked. I’ll have to remember that.

  3. n54th says:

    Yeah, I’d have thought they traveled in with the Meyer lemon that we keep outside all summer. But wouldn’t they have swarmed around before now if that was the case? The good news is that they just march around madly for a half-hour or so and then hide away again until the next time I water. We heart Terro.

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