Under the paint

Apparently shellac was the first layer on the upstairs doors. And they slapped it on right over the hardware. Hmmmmm.

Only 1.5 more to strip but 5 more to refinish. But it’s worth it. Love that old wood.

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One Response to Under the paint

  1. TomD.Arch says:

    Holy @^$#%^!! It’s weird to see “my” door in someone else’s house! We have different hardware, but that door is exactly the same as the one I’m looking at right now in my living room. We’re in a 1900’s 3-flat in what is theoretically Ukrainian Village. I say theoretically because my family has lived here for 90ish years, and we have Ukrainian friends, but don’t know of any Ukrainian families that lived within a few blocks of here. Small time mafiosi, on the other hand…

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