Lay in the mayo

A summer without homegrown tomatoes would be like life without love. Surely this explains why I am repeatedly driven to plant more than sheer need and reason advise. Last year I crammed in 38, some of them in flower beds. This year, my reducing plans went astray and I ended up with 41 in the ground—all in the main garden area thanks to some rearranging of peppers into pots by the garage instead.

Here’s my 2008 list:

Brandywine x Stupice (3 from last year’s seed, 4 from a friend who got the plant from me years ago; I am trying to make sure I have a stabilized version of this cross I got from Carolyn Male)

Striped Roman


Purple Russian


Harvard Square

Ananas Noir

Lucky Cross (2)

Nagy Katai

German Head (2)


Earl’s Polish (2)

Brandywine Sudduth 2006 (2)

Grandpa Ludolph

Indian Stripe (2)

Stump of the World (2)

Marizol Bratka (2)

Prue (3)

OTV Brandywine (2)

Perito (2)

Tennessee Surprise (2)

Bear Claw

Truffaut Precoce


And the front row of the garden always goes to peppers and eggplants.  Eggplant: Ukrainian Beauty, Zahara. Peppers: Chuska, Spanish Bull Nose, Paradicsom (the tomato pepper, I am told), Paprika (which means “pepper” in Hungarian, I know; this variety is said to be good for drying to make the spice), Early Hungarian Sweet, Jalapeno, Marconi Gold, Ancho, Habanero, Bhut Jalokia. 


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