Roper from Van Nuys, Calif.

Yoohoo, Californians—this is on eBay now. Check out that light stack with a coo-el clock below. From what little I can see, it reminds me of the clock on this Roper, which is a black version of the one on mine.

What a nifty cutout broiler tray!

Here’s what the seller says about it, though there’s no way that’s a 50s stove—all features point to it being a 30s model.

White antique Roper 1950s natural gas stove with 4 burners (left side with cover), oven (right side), warming surface and cover (over oven), broiler and warming drawer (left side), lamp (no bulb) with 2 prong outlet, clock and timer with 2 prong outlet, salt shaker (pepper shaker is missing). Roper logo on broiler pan and Roper Scientific Cooking Chart on inside of oven door.  Very nice!

Dimensions: 40″ wide, 30″ deep, 36″ tall at front, about 5 feet to top of light.

Stove and oven have been in use for about 15 years.  Lamp and clock have never been plugged in and broiler has never been used by us.  Needs a good cleaning.  Otherwise functional.

Item sold as is and for pickup only.  Item is located in Van Nuys, CA.

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