Vacationer’s vintage fix

When a vacationing vintage junkie has been rolling down scenic roads for days on end—driving through trees …

… and cavorting with questionable characters at miniature-golf courses …

… waking up in sterile surroundings that boast 50 different shades of beige—a little clawfoot spells big relief. Who takes a bath in those boxy, plastic hotel tubs? This curvy beauty begs to be filled and dipped into.

Gold … foooot!

It wasn’t quite this …

But it’s more than a week since we stayed at the home of that tub, the Metro Hotel in Petaluma, California, and I’m still reminiscing about it. And this lovely sink.

I should have asked where they bought that trash basket because it fits the decor so well.

Y’know, when I installed my old sink, I chose a mixer faucet because I thought those separate hot and cold taps were going to be irritating to live with. But I didn’t mind them at all. I just got some hot out of the one side and some cold out of the other and mixed it all in my hand before splashing my face. Of course this is making me reconsider my bathroom remodel, which—oh dear—I really don’t need any encouragement to keep refining. In any case, the Metro also can fulfill your desires to sleep in an Airstream trailer.

But even if you’re in a traditional room, beware the local creatures.

(And if anyone knows what that French says, please let me know. It may have invaded my subconscious as I slept, but I wouldn’t mind hearing it in English as well.)

I also loved these curtain holders, so I’m going to document them here so I can find them later.

ETA: Ha, I finally did a search on these and it turns out they’re an Ikea thing, so most likely everyone in the world but me knew about them before. That figures, since I’ve never been inside an Ikea store.

I’ve got housespiration from various places to post as well. Please do not hold your breath, however, because I seem to have embraced the lazy life of late.

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2 Responses to Vacationer’s vintage fix

  1. Old House Lover says:

    faites de tres beaux reves = make very beautiful dreams

  2. n54th says:


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