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Saving old bones

Check out this great Chicago Reader article about a fabulous idea—deconstructing old houses and selling the parts at a reasonable price rather than demolishing them and trashing all the beautiful old parts. Sure, I’d rather old houses were being restored … Continue reading

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My furry excuse

This morning my office experienced my new-kitten lateness.  This little guy (we think) first appeared last night, gnawing on the other outside cats’ food. He scampered away when I approached but then peeped back out and got interested in me … Continue reading

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Plumbing mystery of the century

… in my house anyway. What bathing device would be about 27″ high and 38″ at its widest? There was a small, square hole in the floor in front of where this thing was. The plaster wall behind the mystery object … Continue reading

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1945 Roper from Chicago

While earning renovation money today (snort), I fell over this breathtaking Roper that was posted on the Chicago Bungalow forum. I’ve been waiting for the forum administrator to approve my account so I can ask whether this is still available. … Continue reading

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The other day I was half-heartedly yanking morning glories and other assorted weeds out of one of my flower beds when I was struck by a shocking sight. Yes, Dad, I’ve finally gotten some blueberries out of those bushes you … Continue reading

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Roper from Hamden, Connecticut

This is on Craigslist, looking for a new home. And it looks a lot like mine—and has all the door handles. Argh, the creeping envy. I suppose it is unreasonable to pay $325 for handles, eh? Well, certainly unreasonable to … Continue reading

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