1945 Roper from Chicago

While earning renovation money today (snort), I fell over this breathtaking Roper that was posted on the Chicago Bungalow forum. I’ve been waiting for the forum administrator to approve my account so I can ask whether this is still available. Will update then. But for now, feast your eyes and imagine the pies you could produce with this Roper.


I am also swooning over that sink leg on the left. 

Here is what the seller says about the stove:

My mom is selling her mother’s vintage Roper stove. It was purchased in 1945, only allowed after WWII was over, as all metal went for the war effort! It has been in our family since then. I am offering it up for sale to any fellow bungalow affecionado who may need it for their kitchen restoration. I have a bungalow, but can’t use it. My mom wants to pass it on to someone who will appreciate having it, as it still works well. You have to light the oven by hand ( a real blast! …pun intended!) as well as the broiler, which I think was never used. That is how you light these type of stoves, no big deal. All the burners on the stove light automatically. The stove has two pilot lights under the hood. It has salt and pepper shakers on the top, and a mechanical timer, which needs to be cleaned to return to working order.

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One Response to 1945 Roper from Chicago

  1. Gabriel says:

    I have a Roper oven likely from the 40’s or 50’s. It was in the house I just purchased, built in 1953, and this oven has been in it ever since. I’m looking to sell it, if you know anyone who might be interested, please let me know! I live in Chicago.

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