Plumbing mystery of the century

… in my house anyway. What bathing device would be about 27″ high and 38″ at its widest? There was a small, square hole in the floor in front of where this thing was. The plaster wall behind the mystery object is scraped a bit as if a rim was jutting against it. Here is a photo that shows the paint shadows that whisper of the very small bathing fixture (I assume, but you know what they say about that) that used to inhabit our downstairs bathroom:

There is a date from 1946 written on the wall above this area, which indicates when the previous owners abandoned the plaster walls and put up drywall (on furring strips from an old packing crate, so this plaster wall was left intact).

The room this is in is about 5’x5′, though it was originally smaller. The room was bumped into the adjoining pantry to make the space where this mystery fixture was placed. 

Any idea what this fixture might have been? So far as we can tell, the upstairs did not have a bathtub until 1929 or later. The house was built to hold at least two families at a time; it is essentially a two-flat with a kitchen and bathroom on each floor. We saw the shadows of high-tank toilets on both floors. And both bathrooms were originally smaller but expanded into neighboring rooms, probably in the 20s, from what we can figure out. I’ve already asked an expert in antique plumbing fixtures, and he couldn’t come up with anything he’d seen that would fill that space.

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