My furry excuse

This morning my office experienced my new-kitten lateness. 

This little guy (we think) first appeared last night, gnawing on the other outside cats’ food. He scampered away when I approached but then peeped back out and got interested in me when I unleashed my high-pitched kitten noise (eeeeeeeeeeeeeee—I read somewhere that kittens will respond to that). And he appeared when I went out to water plants this morning, so I did the crazy cat-lady thing and fetched him some canned food. Had to hold off the other cats so he could eat it.  But they all seem to get along pretty well, except when there’s treats to scramble for—Ebenezer hissed at him then.

The man of the house has dubbed this critter “Little Boots.” That is what Caligula translates as. Um, gulp.

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