Summertime Gnaws

Little Boots/Caligula/Cutlet continues to eat everything.

And I’ve been munching tomatoes at every turn.

Which I’ve been picking not-quite-ripe because of the squirrels’ insane—nay, irrational—appetite this year.

The huge ones they take chunks out of turn to slug bait post-haste. It’s grotesque, but good for the compost (I keep chanting to myself).

In variety news, the Brandywine x Stupices that I’ve been growing and the ones a friend raised are displaying notable differences. Mine are more Stupicey, though some are broad and Brandywine-shaped; and all of mine are pinkish red, whereas hers are more bright orangey-red and kind of ruffled around the top. Some of hers even appear before ripeness to have bicolor streaks. Both our sources are an F2 I got years ago from Carolyn Male, so somewhere in here we should be choosing to refine the strain. Except that I’m still debating which variations are preferable.

One plant is producing various shapes. I’m a neophyte at this crossing of types, so I’m just winging it here.

I’m looking forward to cracking open this Harvard Square, which was the favorite at our tomato tasting last year. The ripe fruit is the same color combo you see here. I don’t usually go for greenies, but this one’s got that bicolor intrigue.

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