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Poking fun

As I inch toward finishing the front-door surround, new opportunities arise for tricking out the area. I’m talking doorbells. Later there’ll be the matter of the downstairs chime box. But for now I drool over accoutrements that are older than … Continue reading

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Roper from Rochester, Minn.

Here’s a sleek Roper stove that came with the house one of our readers bought. I find this model quite intriguing because it’s got the early 40s knobs and handles that mine has, as well as the late 30s marbled … Continue reading

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Conquering packing peanuts

Lookit this stuff that was cushioning the delivery I just received—it appears to be a shredded cardboard box. I think this is cool on several levels: It makes use of old cardboard boxes, which I seem to spend several hours … Continue reading

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Clawfoot for a close space

We’ve finally gotten the clawfoot shower pan in working order in the downstairs bathroom! It’s a bit tight trying to take pics because the whole room is only a little more than 5×6 (and that’s after previous owners bashed into … Continue reading

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Coveting my neighbor’s …

… head blocks and base blocks. Theirs: Here’s the big view (with new door *sniff*; I have their old one in my garage): Ours: Both houses are 1910ish. And we were flummoxed by how huge our missing woodwork was compared … Continue reading

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Progress afoot

There’s a new creature in our house …

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Roper from the west side of Chicago

On Craigslist now is this late 30s Roper stove with darling pistachio handles. The seller says the stove “was working when I got it 12 years ago, has been a great liquor cabinet since.”

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