Intriguing debris

I’m not usually fond of junk mail. Why was I so excited, then, to see these raggedy edges sticking out of the trim on one side of the front door after I’d removed the casings?

I think it’s because they’re messages from the past, ghosts still trying to communicate—about key items like union suits for 59 cents and “genuine Trojian pants—surely a strong pants.” Trojan pants—OK, so were they wooden and chock-full of men? Or are we talking about these? Also, I’m in love with that hand-drawn arrow down there.

More truly, I think it’s because these snippets of ads offer me an awareness similar to what I soak up living every day in an old structure and spending so much of my energy and resources trying to keep it alive: That this day, this moment, this concern is fleeting and soon laid to rest. This house will outlive me, and today’s junk mail might too, so live this moment as best you can.

Also, the graphics and period lingo are cool.

Pies! And a face from a brick that was in the crevice with these papers.

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One Response to Intriguing debris

  1. morrigan says:

    That is a real treasure, a window into the past for sure. If only things like that could really speak and tell you about the history they have been witness to…the good times and bad, the heat of summers, cold of winters and about the people who lived their lives in your home.

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