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All Hallows Eve

The one on the right didn’t originally look like a squirrel came along and gnawed all the detail out of the top half. It used to be a slavering cyclops. But then, well  … Advertisements

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Local lookup

If you’ve ever wondered what “Bubbly Creek, with Chicken Standing on Crusted Sewage, 1911” looked like, you’ve got to check out the Encyclopedia of Chicago. I ran into it today while innocently searching for a bus route number and proceeded to … Continue reading

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Decision 2008

After dithering back and forth over all the various doorbell options, I finally went with the one on the left from VanDyke’s, with copper highlights I added, and the one on the right that is a repro of the inappropriate … Continue reading

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Tunes to toil to

ETA: This tape is defunct as of 1/1/09 due to Mixwit’s sad demise. It took me a while to come up with a housework-related mixtape, partially because the housework tends to swallow my free time. But I finally slapped this … Continue reading

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Agog over antique plumbing

I’m sunk in a spate of touch-up projects right now. So I will attempt to entertain with some pics I took 3 years ago (wooooosh—yes, that was Chronos winging away) at the Vrooman Mansion in Bloomington, Illinois. We’ll start with … Continue reading

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Cetol comparison

Once I finally scraped all the paint off the oak porch trim, it was time to figure out what to put on it to protect it from Chicago’s squalls. Since it was nearly century-old wood that had been subjected to … Continue reading

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Yummy plumbing

When you hear a story that combines the terms plumbing and surprise, there’s usually nothing delightful going on. But today I heard a wonderful exception to this rule: In the Italian town of Marino, near Rome, homeowners turned on their … Continue reading

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