Roper from Medina, Ohio

Up on eBay now is a good-looker from the early 40s that’s got lots in common with my beloved behemoth.


Seller’s description: “Up for auction is 1941 vintage Roper gas stove double oven with 4 burners in excellent condition. This stove was in my grandma’s house when she moved in. Honestly, she never used it.”

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2 Responses to Roper from Medina, Ohio

  1. Marilee says:

    I have a 1941 roper stove with the 4 burners,oven,broiler and the other side is where they stored the pot,pans and bake ware. We need information on it for a auction. It is for a fund raiser for 2 boys that are ill. Or we would like to sell it somewhere and then we would donate the money to their fund raiser.

  2. Chriz says:

    Good luck with your auction! I will send you a personal email so you can send me pics, if you like.

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