Folly from above

Whew, traveling and visiting and being visited has been a jubilant diversion. Nothing’s better than hanging out with friends and making meals that include sauce from our own garden tomatoes, and homegrown garlic and peppers, and even a lemon from our dear little potted lemon tree.

Now back to everyday life. Google Maps updated its shots recently, so I can post this pic of the relatively new roof.


Note the asymmetry—one side of the house has a square bay and the other has a half-octagon bumpout. There wasn’t anything on either side when this was built, so I guess the side with the diagonal windows was wise about the future.

In other news, the city decided to chop down our front tree. We’ve been wondering whether it was diseased and I guess this settles it. It was an ash, and this area has had emerald ash borer problems, so maybe that was the culprit. Now I get to lobby hard for a new tree (or two, that would be nice) and I also got 20-some gallons of mulch out of the stump grindings I came home to tonight. Free mulch!

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