Tintinnabulatory event

I’ve got a tin ceiling! Well, about 1/10th of one—but you gotta start somewhere. Considering that this has been in progress in fits and starts between our 55 other house projects for more than a year now, I’m pretty impressed with the early returns.


There is a little bit more to do …


If you enjoy nailing over your head, this is the project for you!

You may notice in the pics that it appears we aren’t following our chalk lines, or maybe that there are actually two sets of chalk lines. We ended up doing that because when we were about to cut out our first corner piece on Friday, I got nervous and insisted we snap a 2-foot grid all over the ceiling to make sure we would line up the 2×4 tiles correctly. Well, it turns out that was a useful bit of angst because our walls are not only out of square but wildly, creatively, rebelliously out of square. Our first set of lines, made by finding the center of the room and then dropping grids based on the longest, straightest wall, would have left us with ridiculously uneven cut pieces on opposite walls—for example, the northeast corner piece would have been a depth of 5 inches, and the southeast piece 6 7/8; while the northwest corner would have been 6 inches, the southwest 7/8 of an inch. So we twisted the whole layout counterclockwise 1 1/4 inch and shifted the grid east 1 1/2 inch. Now the opposite corners and opposing wall cuts still won’t be equal, but they will be much less uneven.

So please don’t count days until we finish, but we are on our way!

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5 Responses to Tintinnabulatory event

  1. Morrigan says:

    Your ceiling is going to look wonderful!
    I wanted a tin ceiling in the kitchen but it was cost prohibitive, labor prohibitive and just wasn’t going to happen. So I did the next best thing and painted my existing ceiling with aluminum fence paint. The result, on the existing crows foot pattern plaster ceiling was fantastic! It looks like a tin ceiling and after painting I looked like I was auditioning for the tin man in the Wizard of Oz………..

  2. n54th says:

    Your solution sounds awesome! You should post pics in your blog.

    I painted my kitchen’s drop-ceiling panels silver and black and put chrome covers on the ceiling grid to stop me from shrieking every time I entered the room. It’s rather cheesy and will all change some day, but I’ve got a soft spot for silver paint.

  3. Morrigan says:

    I posted the before and after pics about 3 years ago…..here is the link:

    I did most of the work in there myself and am very proud of the result. It has changed a bit since the addition of the Roper. It would not fit where the electric cook top was, so that area is counter top and the Roper sits in the area I made at one end of the dining area. That spreads out the kitchen a bit more, but I like the way it showcases the Roper and gives me more counter space.

  4. n54th says:

    You have every reason to be proud. And that’s one of the great things about doing work on your house—even if you’re in a slump, you can stroll around and remember how much you’ve already accomplished. We’re banging away on the ceiling here and are now about 30% done. (Or 70% not done.)

  5. morrigan says:

    Thanks for looking at the before and after pics. Even after all this time, when I look at those pics, even I have to shake my head at the transformation.
    I am looking forward to the pics of the Roper knobs. I am hoping that they are at least similar to the ones I have. I just cannot bring myself to put “modern” replacements on mine. LOL I just use the stove with the missing knobs.
    Thanks so much for your kind words, it has helped more than you could know.

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