From the amazing array of eBay, I bring you the opportunity to own radioactive rings that will glow forever, thus:

  • Helping you find your poison bottle.
  • Making your dress buttons beckon to your beloved.
  • Luring the elusive Simpsons fish during night expeditions.
  • And more! So much more.



Don’t grope (in your filmy negligee)—glow!




Yes, friends, with Lustrolite Radi-Glo buttons you too can scatter radium throughout your residence. Removing tongue from cheek, I must admit that I would’ve been all over these if I had been born a few decades earlier. I adore glow-in-the-dark items and am even wearing one now.

The seller tosses some killer hooks into the description:

This fantastic find was brought to us by the RADIOACTIVE BOYSCOUT – a local man who, in his teens in the 1990’s, set out to build a nuclear breeder reactor in his backyard potting shed, in an attempt to earn his boy scout atomic merit badge.

“THE RADIOACTIVE BOY SCOUT” has since been written about him, and a documentary about his exploits called “THE NUCLEAR BOY SCOUT” was aired in the UK in 2003.

He informed me that “over 2 tons of pitchblende was processed to create the rings.”

He also informed me that this is one of only 2 known displays in existence.

“The “Radioactive Boy Scout” searched for a very long time before acquiring these, and paid $2500 to purchase this extraordinary item!

The previous owner owned a hardware store from 1925 until 1957, and this was a part of his old store stock. …

What a conversation starter!

Don’t miss the chance to own such a rare and interesting Atomic – Age item!

But one of my favorite parts of this sale is what he wrote about it on Craigslist:

This is a set (OF ONLY 2 KNOWN TO EXIST ON EARTH). A 1930″s display that contains 12 radium filled rings. Owned by the radioactive boyscout. Produced in Cleveland. Search EBAY for ITEM# 610-1. This item has a few days untill end of post. Bidding starts at 400.00 dollars. Item will be destroyed and properly disposed of, if not purchased by end of auction.

While I wish I could help prolong the legacy of the Radioactive Boy Scout, I’m not going to have a house to find anything in if don’t spend the money on the mortgage instead. I guess I’m doomed to grope for evermore. But good luck, bidders!

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