A peek at ipe

I’ve advocated using ipe—a hardwood—for exterior wood projects. Here’s a progression that shows how the color properties change when it’s left unsealed.

The first shot shows our deck just after it was finished in 2004. The steps and main deck are ipe. The skirting and pergola are cedar. The handyman hero is bushed.

Close-up of fresh ipe, with critter lounging.

A couple of years later with basking tabby.

And last year—4 years after installation. Note that the cedar and the ipe grey out similarly.



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5 Responses to A peek at ipe

  1. kathy says:

    I’ve enjoyed your blog. Very nice deck. I’m hoping mine–just built–will gray out in a similar way.

  2. n54th says:

    Happy to help!

  3. naverepooc says:

    Nice look at the aging of an Ipe deck, and great closeup of the spider (subduing latent arachnophobia… now). I live in Portland and work in a district where the city has Ipe decking installed for a boardwalk, and it has reached that nice gray stage. Here’s a pic of it in summertime at the bottom of this post: http://woodspecies.wordpress.com/2009/03/04/brazilian-ipe-a-heartwrenching-retrospective-on-a-life-well-lived/

    Keep up the good hardwood reconnaissance!

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