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Roper from Oceanside, California

The Roper variations just get more and more interesting. This looks like an early 40s except for the knobby panel, which shares some aspects of the late 30s models. But what’s the configuration: Stove on the right, broiler on the … Continue reading

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Archive love

Last night while my brain was blasted out by a super-stressy business day, my laptop and I retreated to the bed and I stumbled into a delightful vortex of historical data sites. One of the places I found was Chicago … Continue reading

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Grin Tin Tin

I’ve now got a full tin ceiling in the living room! OK, so we still have to put up the cornice. And seal the seams, and paint the nailheads and miscellaneous (though amazingly few) dings and scratches. But still, the … Continue reading

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Roper weirdness

Calling all Roper stove owners! I’ve been corresponding with a stove restorer about his work on what looks to be an early 1940s model that has some details he’s trying to replicate. The stove in question has a double oven. … Continue reading

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Roper lore

For those with a thirst for 1930s Ropers, I offer this brochure of beauty. Details on specific styles follow. Swoon now so you can pay attention later.

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