Roper lore

For those with a thirst for 1930s Ropers, I offer this brochure of beauty. Details on specific styles follow. Swoon now so you can pay attention later.










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4 Responses to Roper lore

  1. morrigan says:

    That is so cool! Even though with my crappy dial-up all of the pictures just will not load 😦 What I was able to see was great.

  2. n54th says:

    I really should do thumbnails instead of full-blown pics right away for those of you who are still on dial-up (I know one other!). The lazy factor tends to win out when I’m posting, though. I can e-mail you pics if that’s any better.

  3. morrigan says:

    Thanks, I’ll just make do until the phone company finally makes broadband available. I am 1000 ft too far out of range………..

  4. lennypane says:

    Very cool! This brochure helped me identify my Roper. It’s a Commodore! With that confusing 2nd fold-up top that serves no purpose. It’s quite a beautiful thing! I’m looking for some replacement burner handles, if anyone has a lead…

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