Grin Tin Tin

I’ve now got a full tin ceiling in the living room! OK, so we still have to put up the cornice. And seal the seams, and paint the nailheads and miscellaneous (though amazingly few) dings and scratches. But still, the tin ceiling tiles that have been living in my back bedroom for the last 2 years—and the light fixture that has been hunkered down in a box under the stereo table—are now actually on the ceiling!

You can see some seams above that need tightening up. And we installed the light mostly to help in knowing which seams were going to jump out in the finished room. But as impressed as I am by all this, I’m a little irked that we failed in one aspect.


There’s a tiny amount of plywood visible around the light fixture! Argh! We were so careful in measuring and cutting the tin to fit around the electrical box—but not careful enough. I’m really rather surprised that these fixtures aren’t made with a generous circumference that is guaranteed to hide mistakes of this nature. Because we weren’t way off—just too far off. Grrrrr. We’ve got some ideas to camouflage this, but it’s just a little depressing right now. Sigh. Though it doesn’t stop me from being thrilled to see how well the ceiling and fixture go together. This room originally had a gas light, then a pull-chain electric bulb that was put out of commission by the drop-ceiling installation of the early  60s. It’s such a kick to be able to walk into the room and poke a push-button light switch and be bathed in luminescence.

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4 Responses to Grin Tin Tin

  1. morrigan says:

    We ran into a similar problem when we installed a ceiling fan in the living room. What we did was to get a collar to fit around the edge of the box (they come in various sizes and styles). Then painted it, before installing, the result looks like an extension of the ceiling fan. The plus is that it completely camouflaged the oops.

  2. n54th says:

    We found one of those the other day at the Home Doofus. Only saw the one type though. And I got ceiling medallion thingy. We’re going to futz around and see what we can do. Guess I should look at what’s online for such things.

  3. wyldeoats says:

    IT was customary when laying out tin ceilings to use extra elements other than just panels, including tin medallions, tin beads, tin cornaces, etc mix and matched to build a composite patern unique to the room and scale.
    A tin medallion would be an appropriate inset to the area surrounding the fixture. I have an original intact 1899 drugstore installation that includes a multitude of stock elements including the multi sectioned light fixture medallions, most of those are 1/4 panels that fit together to form 360 degree around a circular cental panel where the fixture sits. Check out site and and others get ideas and shop around for cheapies, even on Ebay they have tin ceiling elements like medallions

  4. n54th says:

    Hi Wylde. We will be installing tin cornice. I’m not convinced this room could pull off a medallion, as tempting as it is as a solution. But thanks for your input, and I’ll put your thoughts into the old idea mill.

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