Archive love

Last night while my brain was blasted out by a super-stressy business day, my laptop and I retreated to the bed and I stumbled into a delightful vortex of historical data sites. One of the places I found was Chicago History in Postcards—an addictive diversion that catalogs vintage postcards in 22 categories, including restaurants, retail, entertainment, factories and churches by denomination. I have long been enamored of the old, hand-tinted postcards, and of course I’m curious about old views of my adopted town. And this site is bursting at the seams with both. Only a few of the ones that caught my fancy:


Chicago central aerial beacon—with biplane!


“One name, one aim, won fame”—James B. Clow & Sons. “The handsomest plumbing show room in the world.”


“Chemist and assistants—Franco-American Hygienic Co. 183 Michigan Boulevard, Chicago”

Writing on the side says: “8/15/08 Are you in need of any of your preparations at this time?”


Truck Drivers’ Social Club , 1736 S. Wabash. I will meet you there.


Como Inn. “Where smart people meet,” with an arrow pointing to a jug of wine. My kind of smart people.

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One Response to Archive love

  1. Jennifer says:

    Neat! Some of those would be awesome framed up in a kitchen.

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